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  Governors Tourism Awards

These awards were designed to recognize and acknowledge those individuals and businesses in the travel and tourism industry that have shown dedication, creativity and excellence. Sponsored by the Governor’s Council on Tourism, the Governor’s Award recognizes and honors people and organizations that have made a significant impact on Wisconsin’s Travel and Tourism industry. Presentation of the award will be made during the Governor’s Dinner and Celebration at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism.
  • The Governor’s Tourism Legacy Award – Presented to an individual who has shown a long lasting and permanent contribution to the industry over the years. A nominee for this award should have twenty five (25) years or more of distinguished service to the tourism industry, fifteen years or more of which has been in Wisconsin.
  • The Governor’s Tourism Rising Star Award – This award will be presented to an individual who is new to the tourism industry – within the last 5 years – and has shown leadership, commitment and a passion for Wisconsin’s tourism industry.
  • The Governor’s Tourism Stewardship Award – This award will be presented to a business or community that uses and/or promotes sustainable practices.
  • The Governor’s Tourism Service Excellence Award – This award will be presented to a business that has achieved significant success and growth by providing exceptional service to their customers and a strong, charitable involvement in their community.
  • The Governor’s Tourism Award for Arts, Culture & Heritage – This award will be presented to a business or destination that showcases the arts, culture or heritage for the enhancement of the tourism experience and economic well-being of a community.
Submission Rules
  • Nominations can only be submitted electronically using the link below
  • Only one project per category can be submitted from an individual or organization.
  • Only one nomination per submission is allowed.
  • Multiple submissions for a single nominee will be reviewed and ranked as one nomination.
  • Current Department of Tourism staff may not be nominated for these awards.
  • Should a member of the Governor’s Tourism Awards Committee be nominated for an award, they may not vote on, or participate in, the discussion of the category in which they were nominated.
Online submissions will be available late November 2014

Submission Questions

Outstanding Members of the Tourism Industry (Legacy and Rising Star Awards)
  1. Please describe the professional background of the individual.
  2. Describe activities in the tourism industry that qualify this person for this award.
  3. How has this person demonstrated a commitment to the industry?
  4. Why is this person unique? What sets them apart?
  5. How did this person enhance the tourism industry in Wisconsin?
  6. Please include any additional information that you would like to be considered.
Best Practices Questionnaire (Stewardship, Service Excellence and Arts, Culture & Heritage Awards)
  1. Describe the project or program (purpose, strategy, audience, and budget).
  2. What was the objective of the project?
  3. What were the results? How was the success measured? (Media coverage, attendance, economic impact number.)
  4. How did this project enhance Wisconsin’s tourism industry?
  5. What sets this project apart? Why is it worthy of the Governor’s Tourism Award?
  6. Please include any additional information that you would like to be considered.
Nominations must be submitted online no later than Friday, January 30, 2015.

If you have any conference-related questions, please send them to Dawn Zanoni, Special Events Manager at or, call Dawn directly at 608/266-3978.